Neighborhood Arts through the Harwood Museum

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The Education Department at the Harwood Museum  NEEDS YOUR HELP

Lucy Perera, head of the Education Department at the Harwood Museum, has spearheaded an important community arts program in Taos.  NEIGHBORHOOD ARTS is the summer arts outreach program headed by arts extraordinaire Siena Sanderson and funded through donations from community members LIKE YOU.

Andy Stiny wrote an article for the Albuquerque Journal about the program. The program is described in the article as such:
“Perera said the art program helps the children engage with the greater world. “They do not (previously) have positive interactions with people outside their communities — their teachers said that was a huge thing.”
…”Letting them (the children) explore and discover” is one key to the project, Perera said. But the venues can be problematic, Sanderson said. “You have to be very flexible, you have to have multiple projects because it’s not a classroom setting.”
But the rewards for Sanderson, Perera and volunteers are tangible.
“You saw the gratitude in just having a ball of clay,” Sanderson said. “Kids really like to engage their hands. Lucy and I share that philosophy of using simple materials — cardboard, clay and glue.””

Read the full article here

The Harwood is hosting a PANCAKE BREAKFAST at Applebees on Sat, April 14th . As many of you know who have attended these breakfasts – the food is quite good!  Tickets are $7 a piece, with Applebees donating back $5 per ticket –  For those who want to support the fundraiser but don’t want to attend the breakfast we will be giving any “donated” tickets back to students and their families who we work through the Art in the Schools Program @ Enos Garcia Elementary.

PLEASE EMAIL Lucy if you can help — she will arrange to get you tickets, as well as detailed information on selling extras, and the Neighborhood Arts Project

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