TAO members show at the Stables Gallery

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This Holiday Show features great gifts and beautiful work from 20 artists, including a sale of handmade and donated ornaments from TAO artists. The show runs from Saturday November 12th to the 13th, with a reception from 3-5 on Saturday.

Charlotte Miller

Fused glass by Charlotte Miller

Charlotte Miller is relatively new to the area and the organization. She arrives with grace through her fused glass creations. She has over 20 years of experience fusing glass with powdered pigments, and her work is refreshing in its unique qualities of glass work. Her colors arise directly out of the New Mexico landscape, as does the inspiration from which she draws; including cracked earth, tree bark and weathered paint. To see the landscape manifested in such a refined yet abstract way is an interesting twist to the familiar reflections on the land here. The work captures the rawness of the elements which inspire the work, but the medium and craftsmanship transcend the ordinary into elegant reflections on the theme. Indeed they encourage the viewer to consider their relationship to the natural world.

Charlotte Miller can be reached at taos.fine.glass@gmail.com

Charlotte Miller

Fused glass by Charlotte Miller

“Painting is a passion of mind and soul. Where it comes from, I know not. The process starts with just a few swipes of paint on the canvas and then the symphony begins–here and there another color with still no idea of what will appear. Finally an image touches the fringes of my mind. Bits and pieces of a vague outline trigger a subconscious thought, experience, place, or person.” Expresses Charlotte “Charlee” Shroyer about her paintings. She has experience with textile & basket weaving. In her paintings, she weaves together her colors through expressive markmaking that are at once expansive through a subtle palette which defines her women figures in depth. More of Carlee’s work may be found at charlotteshroyer.com

Her work may be found in The Open Space Gallery in Taos, the Lone Tree Gallery in Minden, NV and the Beck Gallery in Lutz, FL

Charlotte Shroyer - Detail

Also lending a feminine touch to her figures, Lynda Jasper Vogel creates figurines and shrines which are inspired by deep roots of this land. Weaving together imagery of the Día de Muertos as well as Spanish Colonial aesthetics, her work is executed with an immense delicacy. Beyond the feminine quality of her touch, she is concerned with the Sacred Feminine as is demonstrated in her Saint Cecilia, the patroness of music on view at the Stables gallery. The faces and hands of her figures are sculpted and painted, then surrounded by intricate constructs of found objects including antique fabrics, wood beads and metal. More of her work may be found as part of the Taos Icons on the Taos Artist Guide

Lynda Jasper-Vogel

Saint Cecilia by Lynda Jasper-Vogel

Día de Muertos imagery by Lynda Jasper-Vogel

Día de Muertos imagery by Lynda Jasper-Vogel

Ray Lovelace demonstrates the beauty of decay in his detail photographs of rusted metal and objects as they fall apart. There is a certain profundity in the small details of life that we often overlook. And it is the job of the artist to bring attention to these details. The quality of these photographs are very painterly. In his words, “I love photography’s ability to halt time, to freeze a moment in the ongoing interaction between humanity and nature.  Paint weathers and peels, new and shiny becomes rust, untold hours of backbreaking work wears a hollow in a rock.  My subject is the process, seen in color and texture, often unrecognizable as to its source.” More of his work may be found at wrymind.com

Ray Lovelace

Installation of photography by Ray Lovelace

As it is profound to be reminded of the decay which balances our lives, Paule Marx brings to our attention the peace found in iconic Buddhist imagery. With attention to detail and a steady hand, Buddha is portrayed in ways reminiscent of Mandalas or in contemplation within a landscape. More of Paule’s work may be found on the New Mexico Creates website

Paule Marx

Paule Marx

Finding profundity in small things is also manifested in a quiet work by Bev Teagle. In her digital collage, she brings attention the the delicacy of the natural world. More of Bev’s work may be found at Taos Spirit Winds. She is also showing at the Carson House Gallery in Taos, The Fuller Lodge Contemporary in Los Alamos and the Box Canyon Gallery in the Taos Ski Valley.

Bev Teagle

Bev Teagle presents the delicacy of the natural world

Heidi Smith presents a series of local landscapes inspired by the impressionists. In her words, “Since moving to Taos I am able to translate some of what makes every new day exciting and full of promise onto canvas.  The colors, sweeping vistas and ever changing light of the Southwest are a constant inspiration.” More of her work may be found at www.heidismithartist.com

Heidi Smith

Landscape by Heidi Smith

The man with a plan behind this exhibit is the board member and painter Jon Greenley. He is shown here hanging one of his dynamic landscapes in which he paints variations on a theme in the way that Monet explores differentiations of light by portraying the same scene in a variety of circumstance. In his words, “I paint in the Impressionistic style which is like taking notes in shorthand. Verbs and nouns only, no whys or wherefores. If its done right nature’s beauty will shine through. It’s always there, you really just have to look for it.” More of his work may be found on the TAO website and he may be reached at jongreenley@gmail.com.

Jon Greenley

Jon Greenley hanging his work at the Stables Gallery