Complex Clarity reception July 16th

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Jack Nichols 1953- American Painter & Poet


7 • 11 • 2011 thru 9 • 11 • 2011

Saturday July 16th • Artist Reception

5:00 • 7:00 PM

Trading Post Café (simply the best) 4179 New Mexico 68 Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557

Jack Nichols’ art reverberates with the energy of the modern masters of the last century, particularly of the New York School such as Pollack and Rothko. Using a technique unique to those painters of the 20th century, Nichols’ abstracts captivate the viewer with their colorful concentrated palate, feeling of unstoppable movement, and alive with characters & gestures hidden in deep layers. His art requires the observer to be present for rich reflection and analysis, while enjoying the humor and magic emanating from the layers of meaning composed in these three dimensional works on flat surface. Nichols’ paintings are best viewed under varying light, increasing the sense of depth of field and motion.

Praise for Nichols’ work has come from painters, critics, and collectors over the last two decades outlining the appeal of his paintings. Ralph White, who inspired seven decades of artistry and former professor emeritus at University of Texas-Austin, wrote “the paintings revealed bold, adventurous and spirited spontaneous use of color, shape, and line. There were no laborious attempts at technique or traditional imagery. It was obvious that he had assessed the maelstrom and legacy of contemporary art, leaping headlong into a prolific productivity.” After seeing a 1995 Nichols show at the Sarah Y. Rentschler gallery in Chelsea, New York, Gordon Parks penned: “A great show- inspirational and enduring! Stay with it! The world of art needs you!” while in 2010,

Gordon’s son David Parks, photographer, author, director, referred to Nichols’ paintings as “the most energy driven works in America today.”

Over the last two decades, Nichols has referred to himself as a “Synergist: Combining Colour in Motion, Generating a Unique Depth of Field.” Part of the uniqueness of this work has grown out of experimenting with a series of new application techniques. Painting with both hands simultaneously & using brushes that are not rigid, allow colors to merge, giving more freedom to create with the visual impact generated by “simultaneous contrast.” Nichols requests the viewer to put themselves in close proximity and really see what the images evoke, as the paintings absorb light, a greater depth of field occurs than with reflective colors.

Since moving to Taos in 2007, after having lived in Austin for over thirty years, Nichols’ believes Taos fits him like a glove, a nonstop experiment of channeling the energies of nature. Now, with twenty-six years as a contemporary painter, Nichols’ original artworks hang in New York, London, Rome, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Houston, The Hamptons, Canada, Denver, Mexico City, Taos, and collectors such as Paul Greengard, 2000 Nobel Prize winner in Medicine, Ron Brownstein, Stanley Hirsch , and Ron Rettner collections in Washington DC & New York.

In talking with Nichols, he recently reflected on a comment made by RC Israel: “Several months ago, RC was over viewing new works here in Ranchos, for the second or third time, and made a poignant statement I cannot forget: ‘You seldom see complexity and clarity in the same image.’ With that one remark, RC summed up twenty six years of evolving images, and a life time of exploration. Unwittingly, Complex Clarity is the title of the upcoming art opening at the Trading Post Café, July 11th thru September 11th, with artist reception on Saturday July 16th , 5 to 7 pm. “

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