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Dear Taos Art & Culture Community, from Nancy Zastudil, ISEA2012 Taos Coordinator

I’d like to invite you to attend a time-sensitive informational meeting on Tuesday March 29 at 10am at 630 Paseo del Pueblo Sur (previously “the old hospital,” now a business compound) across from Albertson’s. The meeting concerns your participation in the 2012 International Symposium for the Electronic Arts (ISEA Some of you included in this email may have attended our first meeting – please join us again for a re-cap and to share your thoughts.

The major theme of ISEA2012 is Machine Wilderness, with multiple sub-themes. The symposium and series of events explores the global discourse of art and technology with art works and projects focused on creative solutions for how technology and the natural world can co-exist. New Mexico is an ideal location for these ideas, therefore ISEA2012 will be held in Albuquerque September 19-24 with a Santa Fe Day on September 25 and a Taos Day on September 26.

The purpose of Tuesday’s meeting is to better inform the arts and cultural organizations of Taos about ISEA opportunities, and to explain how you and/or your organization might be involved – not only on the designated Taos Day, but during the symposium as a whole.

Briefly, there are two main ways to be involved:

a) Call for proposals. Through ISEA, you and/or your organization can submit a “blurb,” one or two paragraphs describing your project opportunity for an artist, which will be included in the international call for proposals that launches May 1 (please see the attached documents). For this, we would need a “blurb” from you by April 1 (I will see if an extension to this deadline is possible).

The blurb would need to include:

– short statement about your organization

– short description of the site

– photo of the specific site (or at least the general area of the site)

– any resources you would provide including money, materials, lodging, etc

– a description about what kind of work you’re seeking

– any specifications about the site like square footage, access to water, electricity, etc

– distance of the site from closest city

– description of public access to the site (how the general public will find and experience the work)

The benefits of your participation in the call for proposals are:

– access to the international pool of artists, performers, and presenters applying to ISEA

– possibility of funding for the artists selected through funding for juried ISEA projects

b) Inclusion in the Fall 2012 ISEA collaboration guide. We can list your existing Fall 2012 scheduled programs, events, or exhibitions that fit into or overlap with one or more of the ISEA art and technology themes.  Additionally, there is the possibility for you to be on the ISEA jury to review the proposals that come in for your specific opportunity (all done online), and/or you can offer housing or other accommodations for the visiting artists.

Please come to Tuesday’s meeting with the following:

– a calendar and/or information about your Fall 2012 programming and events (our aim is to recognize and draw audiences to Taos not only for what is programmed specifically for ISEA, but also for the amazing and creative things Taos arts and culture is doing of our own accord.  Additionally, by informing myself and the group of your upcoming programs, we may pinpoint opportunities for collaboration and participation that might otherwise be overlooked)
– a draft of your blurb (if applicable)
– questions (there is lots of information to absorb!)
– ideas of how you’d like to participate

In the meantime, you can refer to for general info and history about ISEA. Also, please pass along this email with the attached document to other Taos arts, cultural, and tourism organizations that might find it of interest – and encourage them to attend next week’s meeting.

Please take a moment to rsvp and let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to meeting you on Tuesday!  Nancy Zastudil, ISEA2012 Taos Coordinator

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